Welcome back!

Dear client, we made a set of rules for (visiting) our shop:

★ We work by appointment only (also for check-ups/looking for jewelry!). You can always email (info@dare2wear.nl) or call our sistershop (+31 (0) 20 753 9652) to see if we have a spot directly available for you. Appointments can also be booked through here or our social media.

★We require half of the price of a piercing procedure as a deposit.                                                    unless the desired piercing is not suited for your anatomy.

Deposits are non-refundable ,except for when the desired piercing is not suited for your body anatomy. If you are not able to come to the salon, you can reschedule your appointment up to 24h before, later then that, we do not give a refund.      

we will not refund your deposit within 24 hours of your appointment.                           we will refund your deposit up to 48 hours before your appointment 

★ Please be on time, not too early and not too late.
Please fill out the consent form we send you through email before coming in.
★ We hope you understand and respect our shop rules. We wish you a wonderful experience at Dare2Wear!

Welcome to our website! Dare 2 Wear started in 2003! Dare 2 Wear is a small family business. Sharon and her brother Wesley Looy are the owners. JewelryLocated in the stylish central part of Amsterdam, the “Jordaan”, this is the smallest but cutest space we could find. The floor and walls have been tiled, which is best to clean and it still looks comfortable and cosy. The idea behind our shop is to be a modern jewellery store (& doing piercing) The shop is fully equipped to pierce you in a safe & clean way. I like to show my appreciation of various cultures, by using their ways of body adornment and -modification, in a mix with our and other cultures.

sometimes it can be busy and we like to take enough time for everybody. therefore, we ask you to arrive before 18.00 hrs, to avoid any disappointments.

We do not pierce children under 6 six of age.
please take note of our adjusted piercing age policy:
age 6-16: only earlobes, with parent or legal guardian
age 16-18: all piercings except nipples/genitalia, with parent or legal guardian
age 18 and over: all piercings, no parent or guardian needed

please make sure to always bring and ID (this also applies to the parent/guardian)

you are always welcome to visit our sister shop (TATTOO and piercing) CLASSIC ink&mods, 1 min walk from Dam square or visit the website: www.classicinkandmods.com

Sharon Looy