There are so many places that do piercing nowadays that we don’t have the urge to compete with quantity, but much better, with quality. Meaning the highest quality jewelry and the best service we can provide.

We feel that it’s very important to give every client and every piercing the best chance at healing. The following age limitations have been set up based on our experience and on our moral convictions.

Under 16 years: Lobes only, parent or guardian must be present. Both need proof of ID.
16 – 18 years: All piercings with the exception of nipples and genital piercings, no parent or guardian must be present. Proof of ID can be asked if there is doubt about the age of the client.
18 years and over: All piercings, no parent or guardian must be present. Proof of ID can be asked if there is doubt about the age of the client.
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The piercingshop is all fresh, clean and relaxed.  You can rely on being pierced by an experienced piercer who uses the best material possible.

After you’ve been pierced, we will tell you exactly how to take care of it, and give you a paper with the aftercare written down. You`re always welcome to come to the shop so we can check how the piercing is healing. For new piercings we only use shiny polished, high quality titanium or 18 karat gold.

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Our prices are the lowest possible since we use high standard material and use the best products to work with. Furthermore, everything being used will be ultrsonic cleaned, sealed and sterilized professionally. This means more work and more products needed. Fortunately piercing shops are being checked by the Amsterdam Health Department, the GG&GD. We are very aware of hygiene and of cross-contamination.

In the shop, there is a big choice of different jewelry purchased all over the world (Holland, USA, Mexico, UK, Thailand, Indonesia, Africa, Japan, Spain, Germany). If you`ve seen something or have something special in mind, we can try to get it (made) for you. A big variety of jewelry is offered; not only do we sell titanium and surgical stainless steel, it ranges from jade and wood via horn and bone to glass and then also our beautiful silver and gold collection.

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Except for piercingjewelry we also sell other jewelry like rings, bracelets and pendants. In future we will be travelling abroad to purchase stuff and get jewelry made ourselves.

So that everything we sell stays special. Our goal is to choose a stylish and timeless taste for jewelry and accessories made of beautiful materials suited for every age and style. Especially gold jewelry will be represented.

Introducing piercer stainlesssharon:

Jewelry has always been a necessary decoration for me. Since I`ve been raised in a jewelry shop it has been normal from my babydays on to wear jewelry. Ever since I found out about facial- and bodypiercing, I`ve pierced myself numerous times and didn`t realize the risks involved because I was still a child.

I started learning how to pierce in 1996 by an experienced and serious American piercer. For 5 months I have seen, read and learned everything about piercing. The following years I practised this method and also tried more ways of piercing. That is freehand piercing and all other kinds ranging from little to many tools being used.

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Furthermore I keep training myself by attending seminars from the APP, the Association of Professional Piercing. This is where doctors and other highly educated people speak about piercing and the body.

I consider myself a responsible and serious person and I love to pierce. I try to stay openminded for new developments and ideas.

There are different ways to perform a piercing; I strive to use the minimum of tools, so I decided to use different methods appropriate to the piercing wanted. In this way, a piercing will be done quick, with the least pain and the least waste.

(So there`s a minimized risk to contaminate). For every piercing a new sterilized needle is being used, and the needle will be disposed off right after. All jewelry has been sterilized before use.

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Many types of different piercings are possible; I want to pierce places that will heal right; other spots can be pierced but should not be kept for healing but should be done for a performance-act or any other temporary-use. (most surface piercing, like forehead, arm, hand, throat, chest are not suited for healing. Too much pressure, too much motion.) If you are serious about this, think more of transdermal implants.

Since I like piercings so much I think I have found the perfect job for me, that is to be able to pierce other people in a safe and professional way. Which is very important, because every piercing and every body can be different (size, material of jewelry and so on). I like to show my appreciation of various cultures, by using their ways of body adornment and -modification, in a mix with our and other cultures.

You don`t need to make an appointment, there is always someone who can help you. You can always come in for a free check-up.

Be aware that this site contains photos that are not suitable for minors!! (=under 18)

If you are a minor you are not allowed to look at the following fotosections:

-scarification (tonguesplit)

-genital piercings

Hope to see you soon! Bye now

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